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FXP Photography in 2015/16

These are links to a few of the web pages with images by FXP of works of art, and gallery installations, photographed in 2015 and 2016. Most of the sites contain many photographs by FXP Photography, but most also include images by other photographers.

Josef Koppmann
Jeremy Moon and Neil Clements
Marie Yates
Stuart Cumberland
Alison Wilding
Tanya Ling
Barry Thompson
Roelof Louw
Zoran Popovic
Rebecca Salter
Lisa Oppenheim
Shelagh Wakely
Paul Winstanley
Joe Tilson
Is This Living?
Cris Brodahl
Jo Spence
Naum Gabo
Helena Almeida
Gillian Ayres
Michael Boffey
K M Bosy
Gordon Cheung
Peter Davies
Mark Francis
Malcolm Le Grice
David Hall
Lucy Heyward
Robert Holyhead
Ann-Marie James
Josef Koppmann
Stathis Lagoudakis
Tanya Ling
Richard Long
Bill Lynch
Nigel Massey
Pierre Molinier
Mark Nuell
Julian Opie
Cornelia Parker
Nicholas Pope
Clare Price
Bridget Riley
Bob and Roberta Smith
Claude Temin-Vergez
Alison Turnbull
Sara VanDerBeek
Alison Wilding
Sarah Woodfine