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6 frames from A First Collection of Photographs

From 1982 to 2017 FXP PHOTOGRAPHY documented art for artists, galleries and publishers.

Some 2017 web pages featuring photography by FXP:

Michael Craig-Martin
Sam Windett
Pope's Perry
Lisa Oppenheim and John Stezaker
Eleanor Antin
Rebecca Salter
Emma Stibbon
George Shaw
Franciszka Themerson
Ian Davenport
Dom Sylvester Hou├ędard
Langlands and Bell
Elizabeth Magill
Edgardo Antonio Vigo
Gillian Ayres
Jim Dine
Helene Appel
Norman Dilworth
British Concrete Poetry 1960-1980
Paul Winstanley
Mark Fairnington
Sonia Almeida
Sophie Bueno-Boutellier
Li Yuan-Chia
Oona Grimes
Paul de Monchaux
Cathy de Monchaux
Howard Hodgkin
Allison Katz
David Batchelor
Jelena Tomasevic

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FXP Photography is a trading name of Peter White.
The image on this page is 6 frames from A First Collection of Photographs By P. F. White, 2018.
For more information: Contact FXP PHOTOGRAPHY